2016 may not be fun on sticks but it is an improvement on the past two years. Jupiter’s arrival at the base of your horoscope (9th September) will begin an upwardly-mobile twelve months: some Cancerians will rise to prominence in their chosen field and many will be celebrating a new era for family life. .


It is time to begin a new romantic chapter of life. Someone coming into your world on 2016’s influences plays an important part in your destiny. Travel could also play a significant role in your love story, whether you meet a new love in a distant place or big decisions are made when you are away from home turf.


The eclipses of the year – the great game-changers – take place on the axis of travel and education, so while some Cancerians will gain qualifications that help them in their search for the right job, others will find career opportunities in a far away location. You may not be paid what you deserve but for now less is more.


Know yourself. Deep down you may have been nurturing certain hopes or fears, and this is why they are manifesting.