Going into production is the theme for 2016. Yes, you could start or add to your family but this also a premium twelve months for creative projects of the business and artistic kind. There is an element of fate both to the way opportunities arise to showcase your talents and the events that thrust you onto a new and unexpected path.


A serious love affair could begin, but it will only morph into something lasting and meaningful if you give it breathing room. An unexpected pregnancy may be a welcome development but it could undermine a new relationship. May, late August and late September-mid-October are premium periods for love, romance and marriage.


Finance is under Saturn, which means other people will not be in generous mood. It could be harder to find backing and borrowing will come at a cost. This having been said some Taureans will come into money. Late March could produce a moment of truth and work should pick up in the third quarter of 2016,


It’s all about letting go, whether you release that tight grip on yourself or give situations and other people room to manoeuvre.