Below are your 2016 horoscopes.

2016 is a year of endings. In numerology it is a nine year so it completes a cycle. Add to this the all-important Uranus-Pluto alignment, which is consistent with the end of old eras and the beginning of new ones, and the year ahead is one we’re going to remember for a very long time to come.

If you’ve been considering making a major life change, don’t put it off for another year. And if buying or selling a property is in your thinking, 2016 looks to be the peak of the housing market.

2007, the previous nine year, saw the end of the economy as we knew it and the beginning of austerity, so although the exact same scenario may not be repeated, we will still have to watch our pennies very carefully. What happens in China won’t stay in China. And if China’s economy shrinks any further, the global economy is going to take a tumble.

The Rio Olympics open on a glorious Moon-Jupiter conjunction, which bodes well for a record breaking games. Unity and brotherhood is going to be an important theme for these Olympics as indeed it will be for the eurozone and the wider world.

United we stand, divided we fall will be a phrase on everyone’s lips.