Saving money is never as easy as it seems.

We always have the best intentions of putting away a certain percentage of our pay packet into a savings account.

But somehow when it comes to it and we’ve popped a couple hundred on the credit card and spent a few too many on morning coffees, weekday lunches and after work drinks, we’re not left with much to add to our savings.

So when we came across this handy little savings hack, we couldn’t quite believe how easy it was.

The 1p Challenge is so easy and effective that it can help you save over £667 by this time next year.

And with Christmas cleaning us all out and new year’s resolutions to sort out our finances, it’s one we’ll all be trying out.

1p challenge save nearly 670 year

Save easily by adding just 1p a day to the amount you put aside (Credit: Getty)

All you have to do is put a penny or a few to the side each day that goes by.

And the best part about this genius plan is that we won’t even notice any different to our monthly budget.

To start off the challenge, put aside a single penny to add to your savings.

Increase that by another penny on day to and then again on day three, increasing the amount by 1p each day that goes by until day 100.

By day 100 you should be putting aside a whole pound.

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After this, follow the same pattern by adding another penny each day, meaning that by the last day of the year you will be adding £3.65 into your savings.

So if you stick to this pattern each day of the year, the money saved will add up to a whopping £667.95.

That sure will be helpful when it comes to topping up the savings account this time next year, or maybe just a little something to keep aside for the New Year’s sales come 2021…