Some healthy foods can be even more beneficial if you eat them at the right time. Check out our superfood daily diary

We all know eating a healthy diet is key to healthy living. But did you know that the time of day you eat them could determine how much of a nutrient kick you get from them? Here we reveal what food you should eat when to boost the benefits.



Why do you crave a kick-start cup of coffee in the morning? It’s because the caffeine releases adrenaline – the hormone that makes you feel more alert – into your bloodstream. It also boosts blood circulation to your brain, helping improve concentration. Just make sure you eat breakfast first – a latte on an empty stomach may overload your central nervous system, making you jittery.



As stress levels and blood pressures rise at work, munch on these green sticks. They contain potassium, known to help lower sodium levels (a sign of high blood pressure and stress). Plus, at six cals a pop, they won’t ruin your appetite.



Need a brain boost this afternoon? Tuck into a mackerel salad at lunch, packed full of cognitive-enhancing omega-3. Plus, this is a great time to chomp down on some nutritious leaves – your metabolic rate is at its highest, so it’s easer to break down raw foods.



Blueberries provide a super-healthy sweet hit, and with their low glycaemic index they’re absorbed slowly, so don’t lead to a sudden sugar level spike and resulting afternoon crash. And there’s more good news – research suggests that regularly eating blueberries can lead to a rewiring of the part of your brain that affects short- and long-term memory, as well as boosting attention span.



Thinking about heading to a spin class after work? Knock back a beetroot smoothie. Studies have revealed that beetroot juice helps your muscles work more efficiently and lowers oxygen uptake. Pick one with a hit of ginger. Like beetroot, it’s also a vasodilator, which means it opens up blood vessels, allowing oxygenated blood to get to your hard-working muscles.



If you’re feeling peckish before bed, snack on a handful of these. They contain melatonin – a hormone that induces sleep – so you should be off to the land of Nod in no time.