Get more from your workout with these smart GPS gadgets that track your movements and much more

Training for an event? Tracking your distance and pace during your workout may help you up your game whether you’re pounding the pavement, hopping in the saddle or even popping into the pool. Here is our round up of the top GPS fitness trackers out there.


Garmin Forerunner 35, £169.99, (comes in 4 colours)

WHAT? The latest running watch from one of the go-to brands for pavement pounders. Tracks all essentials, including distance and pace. Can also record other workouts, steps, calorie burn and sleep. Receive alerts for calls from your phone.

BEST BITS There are lots of tools to aid run training, including a in-built heart rate monitor and ‘virtual pacer’.

DOWNSIDES It’s mainly targeted at runners, so not the best for tracking multiple activities. Swimming, for example isn’t covered by this watch.

GET THE MOST FROM IT Set goals for things like distance or heart-rate zone – it’ll alert you when you hit them.



TomTom Spark 3 Music + Bluetooth Headphones, £149.99, (comes in 2 colours)

WHAT? Launched last September, it records runs, swims, cycles and more. Plus, it tracks 24/7 activity, calorie burn and sleep.

BEST BITS The music player has 500+ songs worth of storage.

DOWNSIDES The menus can be a bit complex.

GET THE MOST FROM IT Upload routes via the MySports website to explore new territory.



Wahoo Fitness Element GPS Bike Computer, £249.99,

WHAT? New in 2016, this pleasingly simple-to-use computer tracks heaps of bike-ride data. Create routes on a compatible app and load them up to follow turn-by-turn directions. Plus, get alerts of texts, calls, etc, from your phone.

BEST BITS The LED lights at the top pulsate in the direction of your next turn to aid navigation. Clever!

DOWNSIDES It’s not the sleekest. And it also lacks touchscreen tech (which you may – or may not – see as a drawback.

GET THE MOST FROM IT Invest in sensors to monitor the likes of heart rate and power and connect them up to display that data too.





Fitbit Surge, £199, (comes in 3 colours)

WHAT? The only GPS gadget from the best-known brand for everyday activity tracking. Clocks everything from steps to active minutes and sleep. Plus, you can record multiple workouts including runs, weights and spinning. It provides smartphone notifications for texts, calls, etc.

BEST BITS Comes with an in-built heart-rate monitor. Records elevation climbed, for a better gauge of activity than a simple step counter.

DOWNSIDES It’s fairly chunky for everyday wear.

GET THE MOST FROM IT Tap into Fitbit’s community to share your latest achievements with your friends.



Suunto Spartan Sport, £399, (comes in 4 colours)

WHAT? A high-end watch that can track over 80 preset sports including running, cycling, swimming, yoga and cheerleading. (Yes, really!) It also records steps and calorie burn, and provdes smartphone notifications for calls and texts.

BEST BITS It’s seriously sleek. Plus its battery life goes the distance.

DOWNSIDES The price tag, given it doesn’t offer much other smartwatches don’t. A heart-rate chest strap will set you back another £40, too.

GET THE MOST FROM IT Don it at all times to reduce that cost per wear.