Looking for something a bit different to help you stay hydrated?

Staying hydrated is a must, especially during the warmer months.  Now you can also top up your vitamins and minerals, as well as your H2O levels, with these new super waters.


True Nopal Cactus Water, 300ml, £1.79, Ocado

Made from the prickly pear cactus fruit, this is rich in antioxidants, electrolytes and high in dietary fibre. Plus it’s said to help relieve hangovers.


INVO Coconut Water, 300ml, £2.79, Holland & Barrett and invo.co.uk

With as much potassium as one banana, this coconut water contains five essential electrolytes to help hydration levels.


Sibberi Bamboo Water Glow, 250ml, £2.49, Ocado

This pick (with four times less sugar than coconut water) is extracted from bamboo. It’s also packed with silica to keep skin, hair and nails healthy.


Drink Maple, 355ml, £3.09, Holland & Barrett

Low in sugar, maple water is high in manganese to help regulate sugar levels in the blood. And it’s also highly beneficial for bone strength.


Mello Honeydew Melon juice, 250ml, £2.49, Waitrose

Cold pressed and 100% natural, this refresher is full of vitamin C (124% of your RDA). And it’s said to help boost your immune system.


Wow Protein, 500ml, £2.49, Tesco

This sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free ‘functional’ fruit water boasts 20g protein. Plus, it also contains amino acid supplements to help reduce muscle soreness.


Aloe 24-7 Organic Juice, 500ml, £8.99, aloe24-7.co.uk

Naturally rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and dietary fibre, drinking this unfiltered juice twice a day can help soothe digestion.


Hey Like Wow, 250ml, 99p, Tesco

Need a calcium and B6, C and D hit? Just push the cap down to release the mix of powdered fruit and vitamin formula, shake up and drink! Available in a range of flavours.


Stay healthy and hydrated

Super waters can be a good way to stay refreshed, if you follow dietician Helen Bond’s expert hints and tips.

  1. Post-workout picks

‘Advocates of plant waters boast they are great for rehydration after exercise due to potassium and other electrolytes,’ says Helen. ‘But water will suffice for exercise less than an hour. Milk is said to be the best alternative after a hard workout.’

2. Top up nutrients

‘New-generation refreshers do come with added nutrition value, such as vitamins and minerals,’ says Helen. ‘But eating a balanced and varied diet, including a rainbow of colours of fruits and veggies should mean you get all the nutrients your body needs.’

3. Check sugar levels

‘Some waters are flavoured with everything from cane sugar to fruit purées and chocolate, adding to your ‘free sugar’ intake – the sugar we should be cutting down on – as well as providing extra calories,’ warns Helen. So check labels and pick a no-added-sugar variety.