Never run before? No problem. Walking for health is great, but we aim to have you pounding the pavement in 30 days with our guide to running for beginners.


Want to start running but don’t think you have the power, energy or technique? Turn your usual walking for health into a marathon with the help of this 30 day challenge. Allyn Condon, Personal Trainer and General Manager at The Gym Bristol and former double Olympian, aims to take you from nothing to running 20 minutes non-stop at the end of the month. So what are you waiting for? Lace up your running shoes and get moving!


Running for beginners


Don’t worry, we won’t have you sprinting the first day. Instead, the run to walk in 30 days plan will ease you in slowly with a walking workout that gradually intersperses progressively harder running segments, helping you build up your stamina and strength. Walking to lose weight is a less intense way to increase your activity levels but you can transition into a run with ease!  ‘Always maintain a neutral posture (retain the natural curves in your spine) throughout your sessions to encourage a more efficient running style and more effective breathing,’ advises Allyn.


‘Reduce any unnatural swinging of your arms, as this can restrict your breathing and tire you out quickly,’ he adds. And you want to keep that energy for your legs!


If the thought of running scares you, Allyn advises taking each day as it comes, rather than focusing on the end goal. ‘Push yourself as far as you can during each session, but also enjoy it,’ says Allyn. ‘After all, you’re about to achieve something you’ve never done before.’

Take a look below at your very own challenge chart. Each day describes the time and the pace you need to go at. If you’re finding a session tricky, keep repeating it until you feel ready to move on to the next workout. Good luck!

30 Day challenge


How did you get on with the 30 day walk to run challenge? Let us know in the comments!