We've mixed up this classic abs workout to give you a tighter tum in just a 30 day challenge


Want to be stronger, more flexible and have a flatter tum? Then try the plank exercise 30 day challenge. Forget crazed competitive planking, our power plank 30 day challenge is all about performing the abs workout correctly to get the most out of it, however long you hold it for.


The plank targets all the muscles in your core, including hips, back and those six-pack muscles you can see. As well as helping you look good – hello, bikini bod! – strengthening your whole core also improves posture and reduces back pain.




Personal trainer Jayde Roberts from Lomax Bespoke Fitness has put together six new plank moves to create a 30 day power plank challenge – it’s hard work, but the results are brilliant!


Your plank exercise moves

Tye side planks


Position yourself in a standard plank, with hands underneath your shoulders and legs out behind you, balls of feet on floor – if you’re super flexible, rest your weight on the front of your feet. Turn your hands out to the sides, squeeze ribcage down towards your hips. Keep your back flat and hold.


Side plank


Position yourself on your side, either on your elbow or on a fully extended arm. Straighten your legs out, with one foot on top of the other and raise your hips off the floor.


Mountain climber


Position yourself in the standard plank position. Lift your leg in towards your chest and back down, repeat on other side. Repeat, moving each leg in quick succession.


Plank with leg raises


Perform a standard plank position. Lift your right leg up behind you, as high as it will go, keeping your back flat. Lower your leg back down and repeat on the other side.


Spider plank

Start in a normal plank position. Lift your left knee up and rotate it out to the side towards your right elbow. Lower back down and repeat on the other side.


Plank walkout


Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Hang your body forwards, so your arms are dangling in front of you, touching the floor. Walk your hands out in front of you and lower your body to the ground. When you reach the plank position, walk your hands forwards a couple more steps. Then reverse the move back to standing and repeat.





Tick your planking progress of on our PDF chart