Want to get fit in this month, but don't have time to go to the gym? We've rounded up the best exercise videos available on the internet so you can benefit from an online personal trainer for the ultimate at home workout...

The best online personal trainer for you

Best for busy people

Press For PT

What is it? A super-clever website that allows you to train one-on-one with a PT through a webcam. No hassle or fuss to set up, simply put in your details and book a slot that’s convenient for you. The site then matches you with a trainer who will take you through a personalised programme.

Best bits: You can work out whenever you want, and get that one-on-one experience that apps and other sites can’t provide. Your trainer can pick out areas that need improving and provide feedback at the end.

Downsides: You need to stand quite far back from the computer so the trainer can see your full body and remember to turn the volume right up.

Get the most from it: Monitor your progress with the help of your trainer – at the end of each session they make notes to create the perfect personalised plan for you to up your fit levels.

Best for Pilates fans

Fit Indeed

What is it? A one-hour live Pilates class. All you need is a computer, mat and space to lie down. Select the class you want and sign in at the appropriate time. You can see your instructor and other class-goers. The teacher then demonstrates the exercises and talks you through the tasks.

Best bits: It’s so easy to do at home and there’s a range of class times.

Downsides: It’s all mat-based Pilates, so the instructor can see your whole body. Beware screen freeze – a good internet connection is vital.

Get the most from it: Book a group of classes to make sure you keep it up.

Best for stay-at-home mums

Sleek Technique

What is it? The option of pre-recorded and live fitness classes that combine the principles of ballet with cardio. Sessions are between 30-60 minutes. Live workouts need to be booked in advance.

Best bits: Teachers and former ballerinas Flik and Victoria offer clear explanations and encouragement. They’re an inspiration with their fit, lean ballet bodies.

Downsides: There’s no instructor present to check if you’re in the correct position or making the right moves for the pre-recorded videos. Plus, it’s hard to see floor exercises when you’re using an iPad.

Get the most from it: Aim to do the live fitness classes to start with so you can get feedback on whether you’re doing the moves correctly.

Best for an extra push


What is it? An online workout platform with 40 new workouts every week. They include 10-minute options, so there’s no excuse not to fit one in first thing.

Best bits: You can choose a workout tailored to you.

Downsides: Some videos require equipment, such as a step or a bike.

Get the most from it: Input your stats, choose your goal and follow the recommended videos.