Model, radio DJ and TV host Lisa Snowdon tells us why she will never quit carbs and how she appreciates her good bits now more than she did in her twenties...

With her toned thighs and perfect curves, it’s clear to see why Lisa Snowdon is still a successful model after being first signed at 19. So what’s her secret to her youthful shape?

One of her top classes is Reformer Pilates. First a hit in LA, the versatile Reformer floor machines – combined with Pilates moves to isolate, fatigue and stretch muscles for a leaner look – are now a must-try in the UK. This is thanks to trainers Chris Watson and Chris Richardson from

‘It sets me up – it energises me,’ says Lisa of her local 8am sessions, which she discovered when a leaflet landed on her doormat. ‘I’ve tried Bikram before and got bored. I like new things to be thrown into the mix.’ She also likes Chris Richardson’s coaching style. ‘Chris is the right level of tough and encouraging,’ says Lisa. ‘But if Spurs have played badly he’ll punish us!’


Despite her celeb status, with some of the exercises, such as Lisa’s fave ‘Legs in Loops’, you sometimes have to leave your dignity at the door. ‘You’re lying on your back, with your feet in loops doing half-circles, which really open up your hips,’ explains Lisa. ‘Thankfully I used to do ballet, so I’m quite flexible in that way.’



Chris has also encouraged Lisa to try HIIT sessions, although they didn’t come as naturally to her. ‘The first time I thought I was going to be sick. I felt awful,’ she admits. And proving she’s human – just like us – Lisa, who also likes swimming and skipping, reveals she still gets nervous trying new workouts. ‘It’s intimidating walking into a class for the first time. But just be brave. Nobody is looking at you, everyone is just concentrating on themselves.’

Looking good isn’t always easy. ‘If I want to have a flat tummy, I have to eat less sugar and not drink white wine, which I love!’ says the former Strictly finalist. ‘But I don’t want to live like a saint – I want to have fun. What works for me is smaller portions, not skipping breakfast and having dinner a little earlier. It’s just about balance.’


Exercise is also a great mood booster for Lisa. ‘In my forties I don’t work out for my body, but for my mind, as I have the tendency to feel a bit blue,’ admits the star who got engaged to her boyfriend George Smart at the end of 2016. ‘If I don’t exercise I feel a bit down in the dumps. Exercise helps me process stuff. Then, when stress arises I’m able to deal with it better.’


Lisa Snowdon’s toning exercises


How to do single leg bridges

How to Lie down on the floor with knees bent and feet on the floor. Extend one leg, then lift your bum off the floor, making sure both thighs are in line with each other. Hold for 1 minute, then swap legs.

Chris says ‘When you lift up, keep your hips down and engage your core.’


How to do a spiderman plank

How to From a forearm plank position, draw your right leg in towards your right elbow, turning your knee out to the side. Keep a straight line from your left leg to your shoulders. Hold for 1 minute, then switch sides.

Chris says ‘Make sure your lower back doesn’t arch.’


How to do a reverse lunge with rotation

How to With feet hip-width apart, step back with your right foot and bend your knees until your left leg is at 90 degrees. Meanwhile, while holding a Pilates ring, twist your body towards the left. Repeat 8-10 times and then change sides.

Chris says ‘Make sure your knees don’t eclipse your toes. If you don’t have a ring, put your hands on your hips or extend your arms out in front of you.’