After losing 3st in baby weight, Kimberley Walsh is toned and looking fantastic. She reveals the regime that got her back into shape.

Trim and toned, Kimberley Walsh powers through the moves for her workout shots, that have contributed to her enviable post-pregnancy figure. As a very busy working mum, we don’t know how she finds time to stay in shape. We find out her secrets as part of our celebrity workout series

‘Getting the role in Elf spurred me on to start working out. I was going to be on stage every day with no idea of the costumes I’d be asked to wear!’ laughs Kimberley. ‘I wasn’t depressed about how I looked after having Bobby, but I knew I’d have to shape up.’


‘The first stone flew off. I breastfed for six months, which helped, but the last 10lbs or so proved stubborn.’ Kimberley lost over 2st through healthy eating and gentle exercise. But for the final hurdle she turned to personal trainer, Nicole Abbott.

Kimberley’s regime is a combination of strength, cardio and core training. She uses handheld weights, weighing from 4 to 10kg. In between, it’s short, intense cardio sessions and her core is worked with physio ball crunches, plank and bicycle crunches.


‘The key to seeing results is making sure you keep changing what you do, pushing yourself harder. When my body isn’t used to a move, it works better.

Not a fan of scales, Kimberley bases her body shape on jean size. ‘I never go by weight because it’s too easy to obsess about it. When I did Strictly, I was the most toned I’ve ever been but I weighed more as I’d built up muscle.’


‘At some point I’d love to join a class and learn how to dance again. Justin would be so good at it – but I couldn’t even persuade him to do a waltz at our wedding! I still sometimes break into a dance – any excuse really as it’s such fun, but I say I do it for Bobby!’


Kimberley Walsh’s exercise plan

Russian Twists oblique exercise


Sit on the floor with your knees bent and lean back to form a 45-degree angle. Keep feet either flat on the floor (easier) or slightly raised (difficult). Hold medicine ball in front of you, lightly touch it down to one side of your body, then lift up, twist and touch it down on the other side. Keep rotating for 20 reps.

V-Sit crunches, upper and lower ab exercise

Lie on your back with arms rigidly by your sides, off floor. Lift legs off the floor at 45-degree angle, keeping head and shoulders off the floor. Lift upper body off the floor and bend knees. Lower your back to the floor, keeping head, shoulders and legs off the floor. Start with 5 reps; build to 20.

Lateral lifts, inner and outer thigh exercises


Stand tall, with arms by your sides and a weight in each hand. Lift one leg sideways, keeping it straight, then lift your arms out to the sides to shoulder height. Hold for a few seconds. Return to standing position and repeat on the other side. Perform 20 reps in total.

Kneeling press-up, shoulders, chest and core exercise


Kneel on all fours. Move your knees slightly back, lifting your lower legs off the floor. Look down so your back is straight. Bend arms to move your body towards the floor, elbows moving out to the sides. Hold for 2 seconds, then push back up. Start with 5 reps; build to 20.

Curtsey lunges, glutes and quads exercise


Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forwards. Lift your arms to the sides at shoulder height, palms down. Step one foot diagonally behind the other, bending both legs, into a curtsy position. Hold for a few seconds, return to starting position, then repeat on other side. Complete 20 reps in total.