With one in eight people in the UK now a member of a gym, here’s how to make the most of gym workout in 13 easy steps... What is stopping you?

Make the most of your gym membership without feeling the burn

Make the most of your gym membership without feeling the burn if you don’t fancy a home workout.

13 ways to improve your gym workout

1 Stretch it out

Warming up and cooling down are the most important parts of any gym routine. You’ll maximise your workout, aid recovery and wont end up injured and out of action for months.

2 Eat right

Always refuel with protein as it will also help mend your muscles and boost your metabolism.

3 Up the incline

Love the treadmill? You’ll burn 20% more calories by heading for the hills. Even a small 1-5° incline will increase burn significantly.

4 Time your session

Go walking, swimming or cycling at a low level first thing in the morning before you eat. You’ll have minimal carbs in your system so, if you exercise between 60-70% above your resting heart rate, you’ll primarily burn stored body fat as energy.

5 Drink, drink, drink!

Water not only hydrates but can fight fatigue too. So drink 200-300ml during your workout to boost results.

6 Play tunes

Studies show listening to music while working out can help you exercise harder, and faster. Mr. Brightside, anyone?

7 Get a supportive bra

Are you one of the 20% of women who skip gym sessions because of their boobs? Banish that bounce with a well-supportive gym bra, and you won’t be left on the sidelines.

8 Pick the right gym bike

Most gyms now have Wattbikes alongside normal exercise bikes. Elite cyclists train on these because they’re the nearest thing to a road bike and they’re a great way to track progress.


Boost your treadmill session at the gym

Boost your treadmill session at the gym

9 Switch things up

Mix up your workout to stop a plateau. Add fat-burning cardio workouts in between treadmill sessions to start seeing results.

10 Check your saddle

Is your bike seat set to the right height? Make sure your saddle is parallel to your hips so that you can get full leg extension and maximise your training.

11 Know your posture

Love a cross trainer workout? Boost results by focusing on your form. Keep your chest up and power through both arms and legs evenly.

12 Get it right 

The rowing machine will burns cals, but only if you perfect your position. Sit down with knees bent, arms straight and back upright. Pull the bar so it’s an inch above your shins, then your knees, then thighs, up past your belly button and up your body to your chest. Then bend knees and roll bar back down from the starting position and repeat.

13 Think about shoes

Get used to cycling in cleated shoes that clip into pedals as they give you an efficient ride plus a more effective workout.

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