Try these top three moves to tone your thighs, abs and arms

Still boasting model looks at 46, presenter Mel cites her varied weekly workout as helping her stay in shape. Well known for being a gym bunny, Mel has started to add classes to her routine, although, she insists, there really isn’t a schedule. So how can you get a body like Mel Sykes – here she reveals her stay-slim secrets.

‘I do four hours’ exercise a week, but there’s no routine to it,’ say Mel. ‘Exercise for me is fun, social and a habit.’ Two of her most recent additions include spinning and cardio tennis – both because friends invited her to try them. ‘What I enjoy about spinning is that it’s like being in a nightclub and because I don’t go out much – I’m 47 this year and have no interest in going to nightclubs – it’s fun,’ says Mel. ‘You’ve got really good tunes, you’re in a dark room with bright lights, the music is pumping. You’re working your butt off, you’re in unison with loads of other people and there’s something really cool about that.’




And what tricks does she use to maintain that super-flat tummy? Barre-core, Reformer Pilates and yoga, as well as exercising at home, particularly when work is busy. But Mel is all about strong, not skinny – she uses the hashtag #strongnotskinny constantly. ‘I think that’s a really good message when it comes to being fit. I train so I feel good, am fit and healthy and, hopefully, have longevity so I’m around for my children for the longest time. That’s really the only thing I do it for.’

So how can you get a body like Mel? Start with these 3 total body toning moves



Good for – strong thighs

Stand with feet wider than hip-distant apart, toes pointed out at 45˚. Hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest, in the centre. Lower into a squat, keeping abs tight and back straight. Don’t let your knees go over your toes when you squat down. Aim to get your thighs parallel to the floor, hold, then rise back up to starting position. This is 1 rep. Aim for 3 sets of 8 reps.



Good for – defined abs

Start in a push-up position. Keep arms shoulder-width apart, your spine in a neutral position and your abs engaged. Twist right leg at the hip, bringing right knee up and across your body towards your chest. Return your right leg to the start position and repeat on the other side. This is 1 rep. Aim for 5.



Good for – tone arms

Sit on the floor, legs in front of you. Bend your knees, feet flat on the floor. Put your hands underneath your shoulders, with fingers pointing forwards. Lift hips off the floor (about 9-12 in), raising your right leg. Straighten your raised leg and keep your shoulders directly over your wrists. Bend your elbows behind you so your hips move closer to the floor. Straighten elbows, then repeat, raising your left leg. Try 5 reps, aiming for 10.