For better results ramp up your exercise bike workout at the gym. If you always do the same thing it is time to break your routine and try something new!

We always have the best intentions when we sign up to the gym, but sometimes the row of treadmills, exercise bikes, cross-trainers and rowing machines can be a bit intimidating and we just give up altogether. Here at F&W, we think it’s time we mastered the machines. Learn how to take your exercise bike workout to the next level here.

If you don’t want to fork out on a gym membership, we also have lots of great home workouts you should check out!

How to improve your exercise bike workout:

1. Set up properly

Make sure the saddle is level with your hips so your legs can extend fully in the pedals (without being overstretched). If in doubt, ask an instructor.

2. Start easy

If you’re new to the bike, start on a low resistance – but shift it up a gear when it gets too easy.

3. Keep your chin up

Yes, Tour de France racers lean low over the bars, but in general, a solid, upright posture, with your head up and a strong core, will make it much easier to breathe properly, and will prevent back injuries.

4. Watch the RPM

That’s revolutions per minute, shown on the screen on the bike. For a good workout, keep between 70 and 90 RPM. If you can’t manage it, your resistance setting are too high – if you’re going over, you need to make it harder by putting the resistance up. It’s best to vary your resistance setting during your workout, as this will make it more challenging for your muscles – and more interesting.

5. Go high speed!

Try going all out, as fast as you can, at the highest resistance you can manage for 30 seconds, then rest for a minute. Repeat several times or until you feel tired. If you have a heart rate monitor, it can help with interval training by showing exactly when you’re working at the highest intensity.

Smart tip – A spinning class is a great way to built fitness and help you work harder on the bike.

A must-have app: 

The Cyclemeter GPS app (iPhone, free) stores all your workout data, so you can follow your progress and compete against your old times to motivate yourself.