Denise Van Outen looks great for her age and we'd love to know her exercise secrets.

Speaking to Fit&Well magazine she told us her celebrity workout and said,  ‘What’s key for me is doing something I enjoy. That’s the only way I stick to it. I like exercise to be sociable,’

Now in her 40s, Denise has found two forms of exercise she’s passionate about: cycling and golf. ‘I love the fresh air so they’re perfect for that – I don’t even mind wind and rain!’

But whenever Denise hits the red carpet it’s her amazing legs that always catch our eye! How does she get them so slim and toned?

‘I do the Monday and Friday morning school drop off, so I go with some mums to a body pump class. I use free weights for squats, which kill me! At home, I spend 30 minutes on my treadmill, power walking on an incline, increasing and slowing the pace.’

And her exercise secret? ‘Stairs! I never use lifts. Climbing stairs is so easy to fit into your day.’ It’s little wonder then why Denise claims her legs are her best asset. ‘I work hard on them. My family call them “Ted legs” because they’re like my Dad’s! In the summer or at parties, I like getting them out. They make me feel confident.’

Denise Van Outen’s exercise plan