Chloe Madeley's fitness plan is perfect for those who want a full body tone up. Here she shares what her five favourite moves are and how to do them.


She’s best known as the daughter of TV presenting team Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. Now Chloe Madeley is making a name for herself as a personal trainer. In this celebrity workouts special, Chloe Madeley’s fitness plan is revealed. She shares how fitness has changed her life and her top tone up body-firming exercises.




How did you end up as a personal trainer?

My ex (former Coronation Street star Danny Young) was a personal trainer and he got me into it. He taught me about the importance of lifting weights because it’s the best way to tone your muscles. I spent three weeks with Danny and I became toned all over and I developed abs, which I’ve never had before. I fell in love with fitness. But I didn’t want to be another celebrity fitness mouthpiece, so I got my personal training qualifications.

What’s the biggest change to your life since you got into fitness?

I used to have very low self-esteem and I felt judged by who my parents are. But fitness has made me mentally stronger because you have to apply structure and dedication to get where you want to go. If anyone comes to me suffering with self-esteem issues, I tell them to start training, because it saved me.

Do you workout every day?

Yes, I do 20-40 minutes of cardio before breakfast. Next, I work online with my personal training clients. Then I go back to the gym in the evening and lift weights for about 45 minutes.

How has your diet changed?

Dramatically. I now eat things like oats, sweet potato and brown rice, chicken, fish and lots of veg that’s full of fibre and micro nutrients. Minimal fats are also important, such as nuts, avocado and eggs. I stuck to this quite rigidly and lost loads of weight. But I didn’t count calories or start splitting up food groups, I just cleaned up my diet and it worked.

Chloe Madeley’s fitness plan:

Women who want to see a difference need to work out at least three times a week. Here are some of Chloe’s favourite moves…

The all-over body toner move: 


What does it do? This combined cardio and weight exercise tones the entire lower body, including the tummy, thighs and calves. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and place one foot on to a stepper (or you can use a stair). Do 15 reps, then repeat on the other leg. Do the whole exercise four times.


The leg definer move: 


What does it do? Squats tone the upper body, legs and thigh muscles. With a dumbbell in each hand, stand with your feet apart and squat down to your heels using the weight of your body, then push up with your heels, raising the dumbbells in front of you as you do this, to work your upper body. Work up to 15-20 reps.

The tummy tightener move: 


What does it do? As well as targeting the abdominals, this works the arm and thigh muscles. Sit upright on an exercise ball with your legs apart. Keep both hands by your ears, then slowly lie back, holding your balance. Gradually bring up your body, keeping your legs firm to steady the ball. It’s basically a souped-up sit-up. Try to do 10.

The bingo-wing buster move: 


What does it do? This strengthens stomach muscles, buttocks, the lower back and hips. Stand tall with your shoulders pulled back and your arms relaxed at your side. Bend your hips and lower your body down to the floor. Walk out into a push-up position and perform a single push-up. Do 10 reps, then rest and repeat. These walk out push-outs are hard to do – start with 10 reps and build up to 20 as you get stronger.

The fat burner move: 

What does it do? Skipping is excellent for people who are trying to speed up weight loss and tone up all over. It engages all the muscle groups, so is perfect for all-round toning. After lifting weights and working out, it’s always good to finish with a stint of high-intensity interval training, such as skipping, to tap into your fat stores after burning off carbs. Try to increase your speed and skip hard for 30-60 seconds. Stop and repeat for 20 minutes. You’ll burn off more fat than you would on a 30-minute jog.