Good Morning Britain's Charlotte Hawkins reveals how she lost her baby weight – and what gives her the energy to get up at 2:30am!

So how did GMB presenter get back into shape after her baby? Apparently it’s all down to fitting in exercise whenever she can. You’ll often find her in the dressing room doing 50 sit-ups before going on air. Charlotte Hawkins reveals her get slim secret in our celebrity workout special and how it has had a big impact on her body and mind.


‘I really wanted to feel like I was back to myself when I returned to work. My goal was to be back to my pre-pregnancy size and shape,’ says Charlotte. She achieved it – returning to our TV screens in June 2015 a svelte size 8-10. And all without a gym workout in sight.


‘I didn’t have time for the gym – it’s so full-on being a new mum. I just worked exercise into my daily routine. I took Ella Rose for a power walk every day and did squats anywhere I could,’ she laughs. ‘If I was settling Ella Rose, I did squats with her in my arms. I built up gradually but I hit 200 squats a day,’ she says.


Suffering morning sickness in the early weeks, Charlotte stuck to a carb-fuelled diet and put on around 3 stone in total during her pregnancy. But she was determined to keep fit. ‘I walked everywhere and practised pregnancy yoga throughout. The breathing and relaxation techniques felt so important at a time when my body was going through such a huge change.’


Charlotte returned to yoga a few months after giving birth, having started with pelvic floor exercises to build up her core and regain her waist. ‘They were gentle movements but had a big impact.’

Yoga too has had a big impact on Charlotte’s body and mind. ‘What I love about yoga is that, although it’s a gentler exercise, it actually has so much more of an effect on your body than you think. It strengthens your core and tones you up, but relaxes you at the same time. Yoga gives me the time to allow my body to stretch out and remember where it should be.


Charlotte believes she has a healthy attitude towards nutrition and realises the importance of fitness more than ever before. ‘It’s vital to lead an active life. By that I don’t necessarily mean pumping iron at the gym. It’s about making those little choices that make a difference – I choose stairs rather than the escalator,’ she says. ‘If you do simple things like that every day, it all adds up.’

Charlotte Hawkins’ top yoga poses

The Warrior yoga pose


Side Stretch yoga pose


Sitting Twist yoga pose


The Eagle yoga pose


The Camel yoga pose