With a summer of sporting excitement ahead you can celebrate your victories too

Former ‘Super Saturday’ champions Jessica Ennis-Hill, Mo Farrah and Greg Rutherford may be basking in their own victories by the end of the August. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t share some of the limelight too. So why not celebrate your little victories with Radox this summer. jumping

If 2012 is anything to go by, we’re all going to go a bit Olympic mad in the next few weeks. And why not? The excitement from spurring on your favourite athlete or team to victory can be truly infectious. So expect lots of enlivened gatherings as you become a fan of everything from fencing and archery to handball and synchronized swimming.

To celebrate Rio, Radox is launching a brand new limited edition Feel Victorious Shower Gel, (£1.99, Sainsbury’s). You definitely won’t miss it in its bold, gold bottle. And the exciting shimmering gold gel with fresh citrus fragrance – inspired by sparkling bergamot, lemon and blood orange – will give you that wide-awake boost first thing.


Radox don’t want to leave all the winning to the athletes this summer – and rightly so! – they want you to celebrate whatever your daily victory may be with them by tagging @RadoxUK and including #littlevictories. So whether you’ve run an extra mile in your weekly workout or you’ve got that hard-earned promotion, make sure you share it.