After having her first baby, Corrie actress Catherine Tyldesley reveals how she got back in shape

It’s hard to believe Catherine Tyldesley gave birth to Alfie, her son with partner Tom Pitfield, a personal trainer, just seven months ago. The Coronation Street star is in fantastic shape. Her body’s taut and toned, her skin glows and she exudes vitality. Life as a working mum clearly suits her, but as she explains, it’s her diet and exercise regime that gives her the energy she needs. Catherine Tyldesley shares how she dropped two dress sizes after having a baby in our celebrity workouts special.


Dropping from a size 14 to a toned size ten, Catherine tells us she is almost back to her pre-pregnancy weight. ‘I did it by eating sensibly and working out. I still have a few pounds to go, but I’m getting there. It’s boring saying that moderation is the best way, but it’s true. I don’t agree with doing anything silly, like juicing for two months. I would never want to give out the wrong message. The star knows this better than anyone because, as a teen, she was overweight and often on diets.


The key change for Catherine was learning about nutrition and fitness. ‘Basically I think if it runs, swims, grows in the earth you can eat it. I don’t have any junk or processed food. The way I eat is quite Mediterranean, with lots of fish, vegetables and olive oil.’ She often starts the day with a green drink, too. ‘I love my Nutribullet! Green veg is the most nutrient dense food on the planet. I put loads in – spinach, kale, avocado, apple, celery – delicous. I still have treats, I just make them myself. I might make pizza with a cauliflower base, or bake a gluten-free chocolate cake.’


Over the past few years Catherine’s really got into weight training. ‘I do a mix of that and high-intensity cardio. That’s what really works in terms of body composition. It’s great for me – I feel healthy and strong and my skin’s glowing. I love doing walking lunges, squats and deadlifts – they’ve transformed my whole bum and thigh area.’ And she’s not one to take it easy even when she’s on a family stroll. ‘If I’m out on a long walk and see a hill, I’ll pick up the pace and clench my glutes!’

Catherine Tyldesley fat-burning exercise plan

With the help of trainer Nick Mitchell, founder of Ultimate Performance (, Catherine shows us her favourite moves for toning your legs, bum and tum. Do the sequence in the order show below, with three sets of 12 reps of each exercise. With the weights, Nick recommends going for the heaviest weight you can lift while hitting all the reps and maintaining good form.


Swiss ball leg curl


Start with your feet on the ball, hips raised. Draw your feet in to pull the ball towards you, then roll back down again and repeat.


Swiss ball pike

Start with your calves on the ball, body straight. Bend your legs, pulling the ball in towards you. Slowly drop back down to the start position and repeat.


Squat with weights

squat-with-weightWith your feet hip-width apart, squat down low, keeping your back straight and your hands with the weights close to your body. Return slowly to the start position, then repeat.


Single leg deadlifts

Start with one foot behind you, arms straight down by your sides and holding weights. Lean forwards, extending your leg behind until your leg and back form a staright line. Alternate legs.




Holding weights, extend one leg behind you, front leg slightly bent, then lunge down low. Alternate legs.