If you want to train for a race or just get fitter, we've found an app for that

We’ve found the top fitness apps to get you motivated to exercise and boost your fitness. Find the right one for you here.


Best exercise apps



Simply choose a part of your body you want to work, what type of workout (eg cardio) and how much time you have to spare (five to 60 minutes). The app will then build a customised exercise regime.

Motion Traxx


Get audio coaching from experts for all types of cardio workouts, including running and cycling. Plus, it comes with ActionSync, which creates soundtracks to match your intensity.

Nike+ Training Club


Access more than 100 workouts, created by master trainers and pro athletes. You can also create a 4-week programme – just set your fitness goal (get lean, toned or strong), choose your level and go.

FitStar Yoga


If you prefer the cobra to crunches, this is the app for you. It assesses your fitness level, then provides full routines from superstar yogi Tara Stiles. Ideal if you’re chained to your desk all day. (iOS only).

Interval Timer – Timing For HIIT Training And Workouts


Love HIIT? This lets you specify a workout length and fix high/low-intensity interval and rest times between sets. (iOS only)



As you follow the workout videos from PTs, the app uses your camera phone to see how well you’re keeping up. Did you pause halfway? Did you struggle in the high-intensity part? Plus, it provides real-time feedback to improve your performance.

Best running apps

Change4life Couch to 5K, free iOS, android


An app version of the NHS podcast. Virtual coach, Laura, trains complete beginners on a walk-run programme until they can run non-stop for 5km. You can use it with your own music playlists.

Footpath Route Planner, free iOS, android


This find your location on a satellite map and lets you use your finger to draw routes. The free version lets you save up to five routes, or upgrade for £2.99 to save unlimited.

McRun, £3.99 iOS, android


A pace-calculator tool from internationally renowned coach Greg McMillan. Enter the time and distance of a recent race and it predicts the time your can reasonably expect to run races of other distances.

Nike+ Running, free iOS, android


A basic run tracker with audio feedback and a ‘cheer’ every time someone someone likes your activity report on social media. It can track NikeFuel and plays a ‘power song’ of your choice.

Strava Run, free iOS, android (£4.49/month)


Strava is an excellent platform to view and analyse data from worn devices like your TomTom, Polar or Garmin GPS watch. You can also see where you rank on a leaderboard of Strava users.

Bupa Smart Runner


Choose from different runs – from hills to sprints – and the app will provide audio instructions. Plus, you can download videos to tackle problem areas, ask advice and log your runs (iOS only)

Zombies, Run!


Being chased by zombies would get any couch potato moving! Start your workout and listen to your mission. If you’re being pursued by zombies, you’ll have to speed up, collecting ‘supplies’ as you go.



Like to train to music? The ‘Running’ section in the Spotify app helps you maintain the perfect pace. Choose your preferred genre, start walking or running, and the accelerometer in your phone will select tracks that match your speed.