Britain's Got Talent star, Amanda Holden, reveals why a natural lifestyle is the reason she's fitter and healthier than ever

Now don’t get us wrong, Amanda Holden always looks amazing. But the 44-year-old judge is literally glowing! We find out Amanda Holden’s body secrets in our celebrity workout special.


Amanda Holden’s diet plan

‘As a mother of young kids it’s crucial to be strong. Good diet and fitness helps me to maintain my energy. Sometimes lunch goes out the window, so I like to have something wholesome for breakfast. I start the day with a bowl of sugar-free Alpen. Lunch, if it happens, is a bowl of soup or sushi.’

‘I don’t believe in half-fat anything. I have full-fat yoghurt, butter and cheese. And I splurge on the weekends. I love wine.’ But there is also one smart trick the presenter uses to boost her health and make up for those splurges – a weekly juice fast, courtesy of Juice Master to the star Jason Vale. ‘Once a week, I stick to juicing all day, then have a healthy meal in the evening. I like cucumber, spinach, apples and lime. I always notice a difference in my skin.’

amanda-and-aleshaAmanda Holden’s exercise plan

‘I also like to stay active. I can’t stand gyms, but I like to run for an hour a week, as I feel great afterwards. It’s also time to myself, which is worth its weight in gold.’ But if there’s one thing that’s really made a difference to her figure, it’s her love of Kundalini yoga.’

Amanda openly admits she discovered her love of yoga at a difficult time in her life. When Hollie was born she suffered massive blood loss and nearly didn’t survive. ‘I’m so grateful to my body after what it has been through. I got into yoga because after Hollie was born I’d been on a ventilator and I had a lot of lung problems. Kundalini yoga is all about breath work, so I took it on to build my strength. A lot of people advised me to do it for calmness, too. I don’t really sit still, I’m always on the go.’


The mental wellbeing is just one of the benefits. ‘It’s brilliant, the chanting is really fun, but it’s tough. There’s one exercise called the Breath of Fire which is great for abs. But it’s also a good pick-me-up when you’re tired – honestly, it’s better than a cup of coffee! My body got strong and any excess fat disappeared. It’s definitely made my tummy flatter.’


And has she put her Botox days behind her? ‘Absolutely. I’ve grown my eyebrows out, because eyebrows are very youthful and I have Collagen Wave treatment, which lifts everything – it’s amazing. Botox was a huge mistake, I haven’t done it for years and I never want to see another needle again.’