Have long sleeves become your go-to? Instead of covering wobbly upper arms it’s time to firm up. Celebrity trainer Caroline Sandry has devised a 30 day challenge that will become your ultimate banish bingo wings plan!

The straightforward exercises will whip your biceps, triceps and deltoids (that’s the shoulder bit) into shape in no time. All you need for arms to rival Michelle Obama’s is your own body weight and a pair of light dumbbells (around 2-5kg). Don’t have any dumbbells to hand? You can also just use a pair of tin cans from your cupboard!

So, what are you waiting for?  Here is your exclusive plan for the 30 day challenge to banish bingo wings:

30 day challenge to banish bingo wingsWant to know how to do those moves from days 1-15? Check out our video below.

Banish bingo wings: Four fab arm firming moves

Here are our top four bingo-wing-banishing moves. Plus, we’ve included four extras to complete later on in the challenge. The mixture of exercises and repetitions will ensure an even sculpt across your whole arm.



With your back facing a chair, rest the heels of your hands on the edge of it, knees bent. Keep spine straight and your bottom close to the chair. Inhale to lower your bottom down, pointing your elbows directly backwards. Exhale and tighten your abs as you push back up, straightening your arms.



After you’ve placed your arms on the back of the chair, straighten one leg and lift the other foot up off the floor and keep it in the air as you perform a tricep dip, then swap legs. This will also really work your abs!



Begin on all fours with your hands out wide and your knees under your hips. Inhale to lower your chest (not your face) between your hands, keeping your abs tight and your back straight. Exhale to push back up.



Begin as before, but either place your knees further back or go up on to the balls of your feet to form a straight line from your head to your toes. Then perform the move as before.



Hold a dumbbell in your left hand and rest your right knee and hand on a chair (or bench). Your back should be flat and your should create a right angle at the supporting shoulder and hip. Keep your core tight and bring your left elbow to the side of your chest. Switch sides and repeat.



Perform the above move, but when the weight is at the side of your chest, press the weight out behind you until your arm is completely straight. Reverse the move to return to the start. Switch sides and repeat. This move is also great for your upper back.



Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells in front of your thighs, palms facing up. Exhale to curl the weights to shoulder height.


Perform the above move, then add in a shoulder press. When your dumbbells are at shoulder height, inhale and rotate your hands so that your palms now face forward. Exhale and press the dumbbells straight up overhead. Pause, before reversing the movement to the start position.

Check out our video below for on a guide on those booster moves from days 16-30…

So, how did you get on? Have you given the 30 day challenge a try yet?