Blonde hair may look good but maintaining it is a full time job! So whether your blonde is natural or from a bottle,  you will no doubt relate to these bugbears that being blonde brings with it on a daily basis!

patsy-sunbathing-blonde-hair1. Sunshine is bad!
Well, for our hair and skin anyway! Most of us with blonde hair have fair skin which is why we tend to avoid the harsh sun’s rays! Sunbathing may turn our skin brown but it can turn our precious blonde strands super pale, often dry and frazzled.





mad-men-hair-salon2. We visit the salon – a lot!
Feel like you know your hairdresser better than your husband? That will probably be because you’ve spent A LOT of time chatting to them over the years because lets face it, when you are blonde (ahem not natural!) you are always getting your roots and colour touched up, and boy does that take time!





Chlorine-green-hair-lady-gaga3. Chlorine turns our hair green!
Swimming is bad for our hair, honest!! Yes that pesky chlorine can turn our lovely blonde locks a shade of green so we avoid it at all costs!







4. Frizz follows us everywhere!
Take note of number one and number three! So many things damage and affect our hair that it takes more than a weekly mask to keep it glossy! Blonde hair gets frazzled quickly. Sigh.





Samantha-sex-in-the-city-blonde-hair5. We are not dumb!
Just because we are blonde does not mean we have to put up with sayings such as ‘Are you having a blonde moment?’ and ‘What a dumb blonde’, we are educated to the same level as everyone else thank you!





Alarm-clock6. We have to set our alarm extra early
That’s right, most of us with blonde hair need to give it a good style before we can leave the house in order to rid of flat roots and frizzy ends! Hence the need for a daily blow-dry (yes we know this causes more damage in the long run but we can’t not!!)





Goldie-Hawn-blonde-hair7. Being blonde is expensive
See number 3 – hairdressers are NOT cheap!







cameron-diaz-blonde-hair8. Greasy roots are our bugbear
For some reason day old blonde hair always looks unwashed, flat and greasier that brunette hair, which just isn’t fair!






Dolly-parton-blonde-hair9. Dry shampoo is our savior!

Forget silver shampoos we NEED and I mean NEED a constant supply of dry shampoo on hand to combat darkening, roots. Followed closely by hairspray for big hair!

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