Short hair is back - flatter your features and slim your face with a new short hairstyle!

Short hair never goes out of fashion. Why? Because short haircuts often take little styling, but suit all hair types – even fine hair if you keep your layers longer at the front. Sweep hair to the side, slick it back or brush it forward for a flattering finish that the A-listers would approve of!

Plus short hair is a great way to slim your face and chisel your cheekbones! Celebrities such as Helen Mirren, Emma Willis, and Anne Hathaway all look fabulous with short hair because it compliments most face shapes, and defines their features.

Some of the best advice for fine thin hair? Short hair is also great if you want to boost fine, thinning hair too. By keeping the front section of your hair slightly longer and your layers at the back shorter, you can ruffle your hair up to give it instant volume and bounce! Easy!

What’s more you don’t need to buy a million products to look after short hair – mousse and wax are your best styling friends! In small amounts add some mousse to wet hair and blow-dry for texture and volume, or use the tips of your fingers to add wax to dry hair for movement.

Some of our favourite celebrity short hairstyles…