Most women would be in agreement that when it comes to buying hair products, we’re forever on a mission to try and get thicker, stronger hair.

With pollution, sun damage, colouring, heat and styling to contend with, it’s easy for our locks to become dry, brittle and damaged.

Part of the problem is that while many products offer big claims about their restorative effect, in reality they could be doing more damage than good, especially if you aren’t using the correct products for your hair type. One of the biggest culprits for this is protein rich shampoos, conditioners and masques.

In theory protein shouldn’t do much damage, our hair is made up of the stuff after all! But if you’ve been religiously using a hair masque and wonder why the heck your hair still looks dry and brittle, this could be the answer.

All hair needs a balance of protein (called keratin) and moisture. But whenever this balance is off kilter, we see breakage.

While thicker, curly and course hair can handle more protein, it will weigh thin or thinning hair down and make your locks stiffer, leading dry or damaged tresses to snap.

Here are a few of our tried and tested hair products for thin hair (and if you still need to create some volume, try these thickening tricks instead!)

A good piece of advice for fine thin hair? Watch out for shampoos, conditioners and masques containing high levels of keratin and go for softening and conditioning products instead.