It was the surprise new look that got everyone talking. The Duchess of Cambridge arrived for the first day of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships sporting a much shorter hairstyle than usual, after having her signature long locks chopped off.

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The chic, shorter cut was an instant hit with royal watchers and fans of the Duchess, and Catherine has been wearing the new look well whilst abroad in Europe with Prince William and their children.

So, how can you achieve the same Duchess of Cambridge short hair success? Well, as celebrity hairstylist and salon owner extraordinaire Paul Edmonds points out, “Short hair is all about getting a great cut. Getting the structure, length and thickness right for your face shape is key, making sure you consider the direction of the hair growth and thickness at the hairlines.”

A shorter haircut is a simple yet effective way of making fine hair appear thicker – and it’s also fantastic for adding volume to your hairstyles.

Paul Edmonds explains, “A short choppy haircut is great for finer hair types. The front can be worn relaxed and loose, wash with Shu Uemura Murota Volume Shampoo to give lift at the root the Himalayan salts provide essential minerals and volume to the hair. To open the face and glam up for the evening, the front of the hair can be swept back.”

Also, the Duchess of Cambridge has been giving a lesson in styling shorter hairstyles whilst undertaking her tour of Poland and Germany with Prince William. Styled beautifully for her first evening in Poland, and worn smartly for the couple’s first day in Germany, the Duchess has demonstrated how short hair can be worn up without losing any volume or shine to the style.

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So, to replicate Catherine’s shorter hairstyles, Paul Edmonds recommends, “Use your fingers to give you the shape lifting where you need to get volume at the root. Also, to finish off – if you want a smooth finish – try using a round bristle brush (as this will smooth the cuticle to make it glossy).”

Once you’ve gone for the chop, and committed to a style similar to the Duchess of Cambridge short hair look, you’ll need to maintain your cut to keep it looking chic and stylish.

Paul Edmonds’ top tip is getting into a good daily routine:

“The one thing with short hair is that you need to wet it in the morning (as sleeping will set it in a particular direction). No need to shampoo everyday, but you could rinse your hair with conditioner to ensure that you keep that gloss. If you haven’t got time, damp a cotton wool ball and dab the root to get rid of errant root lift stick outs.”

“For styling use your fingers to give you the shape lifting where you need to get volume at the root. To finish off, if you want a smooth finish, try using a round bristle brush (as this will smooth the cuticle to make it glossy)”

“Frizzy or grey hair types you can “de frizz” and smooth by having a Keratin Treatment, I use it on clients on specific areas such as the hair lines including fringe and nape to hold the hair line down.”

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Finally, to get that long lasting look like Catherine that’s going to stay all day no matter where you are, Paul suggests using paste type products to provide that flexible hold required to keep your hairstyle looking as good as it did when you left the house.

“Maintenance of your look through styling products is also key, dry Matte paste type products for the shorter hair cut holds and gives texture whilst for slightly longer hair types a mousse or soft paste that can give you a flexible hold. You can use this product before or after you blow dry the hair.”

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