Want glossy, swishy hair like the Duchess? Of course you do! Here's how...

This is how to get hair like the Duchess of Cambridge! And let’s face it, Kate’s hair is as shiny as a diamond tiara; her blow-dry as swishy as one of her dreamy princess gowns. In fact, we reckon the Duchess of Cambridge has inspired the kind of hair envy only instigated by Jennifer Aniston at the height of her Friends superstardom and Cheryl ‘because you’re worth it’ Cole. Discover how to get hair like the Duchess of Cambridge below.

Since she debuted a new on-trend midi cut and gringe (that’s a grown-out fringe to you and me), which had everyone talking at the end of 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge has made us fall in love all over again with her covetable locks.

Not all of us are lucky enough, though, to have a super stylist on speed dial (or those lustrous-haired Middleton genes for that matter), but did you know that eating the right foods can totally transform your hair too.

Think of your locks like a beautiful flower – given the right nutrients it will grow and blossom, and the same is true of your hair. There are a few kind-to-hair super foods that promise to nourish and nurture your hair from the inside-out.

So up your intake of these hair-boosting foods and you can get hair like the Duchess of Cambridge for 2019.