Here's how to get fabulous hair without breaking the bank!

These clever hair tips and tricks will ensure your hair looks healthy, youthful and well conditioned all year round! Flick through out slide show above and discover the best kept hair secrets that will REALLY help you see a difference to the look and feel of your hair instantly.

We grilled top hair experts to discover their favourite tricks to keep hair looking fabulous at home withouth spending a fortume! From massage tips, how to boost volume, DIY hair masks, easy de-frizzers and much much more, these tips are amazing and everyone needs to know them!

Did you know you should spend 60 seconds massaging your scalp when you rub in your shampoo? Why? Well, it will get rid of product build up and excess sebum (oils) that can leave hair looking thin and lank as well as stimulating your circulation and encouraging healthy hair growth! The perfect little tip for those that have fine, limp hair!

Flick through our slideshow above as we’ve found over 30 amazing hair tips that are fantastic and really cost effective!