We’d all like to look younger, but rolling back the years isn’t always as easy as it sounds…or is it?

Did you know that just by changing the colour of your hair by a shade or two can knock years off your appearance and help you look younger? Well it’s true! We asked the experts, and it seems that as we get older the colour of our hair can be a defining factor between maintain a healthy, youthful glow, and looking worn out.

“As you age, it is important that the colours you have in your hair compliment your skin tone” Tracy Hayes, head of colour for Fudge Professional, revealed. Hair shades that are too dark or very dull and heavy can be extremely ageing and alter your appearance – even if they are hiding a grey or two!

Award winning hairdresser Lee Stafford adds, “As you age your complexion becomes dull and having the wrong colour can make this even more obvious.” so choosing the right colour and shades for your locks has never been more crucial if you want to maintain a youthful appearance and look younger.

Below we look at the ways you can alter the age your appear by altering your hair hue, so you can literally ‘colour yourself younger’ after a quick trip to the hairdressers!