Suffering from dry ends, frazzled colour and limp lifeless locks? Then look no further – it IS possible to repair dry damaged hair…fast! According to the experts at online hair and beauty retailer caring for your hair too much could be doing it more harm than good!

Plus it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Here’s what to do…



Don’t wash your hair daily
If your hair seems really dry, try and wash it less often. Your hair actually produces oil as a natural defence mechanism to keep moisture inside, so a daily hair wash will strip this away, leaving it dull and dry. Try to go at least two or three days between washes and top up with dry shampoo when your roots are looking greasy and flat.

Use eggs!

That’s right ladies, egg whites can help reduce the oil produced on the scalp that makes roots greasy looking after a just a day or two. Simply mix egg whites well before applying directly to your scalp. Save the yolk, as it’s ideal for treating split ends. This will leave your hair clean and oil free.

Replace your conditioner with a hair mask

Hair masks are much more effective if your hair is damaged. This is great advice for fine thin hair too! They are really moisturising and have an instant effect. When using a hair mask, cut out your conditioner as your hair may end up looking flat and oily with too much product build up. There’s no need to do it for every wash too, once a week should do the trick.


Avoid hot water

Hot water will dehydrate your hair even if you use conditioner. It’s best to use warm water, followed by a cool (not cold!) rinse once you are done washing.

Use your hair dryer’s cool setting

Just like hot water, drying your hair with hot air will have the same effects. Use cool air to dry it; it may take a bit longer to dry but your hair will thank you for it.

ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray

Curling irons and hair straighteners will damage your hair leaving it dry and frazzled. It’s best to keep your hair protected so invest in a good quality heat protecting spray that you apply to your hair before styling.

If you have blonde hair

Give your hair a break

At least one day a week, try to give your hair a day off. That means letting it air dry and no heated tools or products at all!

Add some colour

Using an at home dye for your colour? This might be contributing to the damage. If you keep seeing negative results after treating your hair, it might be time to switch to the salon for your highlights where the colour can be mixed and applied correctly for your hair type


Try heat free styling

Try plaiting wet hair to create beachy waves or believe it or not socks can make great rollers or you could even try a headscarf at the weekend with a ponytail!