Follow our tips and advice for dying your hair at home and get it spot on every time. Home hair dying doesn’t have to be scary!

1. Only ever colour your hair two or three shades lighter or darker. For a dramatic overhaul it’s best to visit your salon.

2. Remember that permanent dyes are best for long-lasting results and covering greys. Tints can warm up or cool down your hair colour and are good for blonde hair that may have gone brassy/yellowy.

3. Don’t expect your hair colour to match the picture on the box – they are just a guide picture. Check online on the brand’s websites for more colour match information or speak to someone in-store who can give you more help. Remember that if you have previously dyed your hair at home or in the salon, results can be different each time as you are placing dye on dye. So take it slowly and gradually.

4. When you next go to the salon for a cut ask your stylist to help you determine which colour you should try at home and also get them to tell you what your skin tone is. If you have a warm skin then try more darker, golden shades and if you have a cool skin tone then try ashy blondes, greys and light brunettes that won’t bring out the redness in your skin.

5. When dying your hair at home remember to read all the instructions, even if you’ve done it before, and familiarise yourself with what’s in the box, laying it out before you start.

6. Brush your hair before dying to help detangle it and ensure the colour goes on evenly. Remember to section your hair so that you can focus on one area at a time. Use big clips to hold the rest out of the way and start with underneath sections first.

7. Wash your hair the day before but not on the actual day of dying as the natural oil that your hair produces will help protect your hair when colouring it at home.

8. Rub Vaseline around your hairline and on the back of your neck to stop the dye marking your skin. Always wear the gloves provided and try to wrap an old dark-colored towel around your shoulders incase of any drips.

9. Remember not to over-dye your ends, as this is the weakest part of your hair. Instead add a little hair oil or conditioner very lightly over your ends before you apply dye, as it will protect it and stop your ends going really dry.

10. When you are rinsing the color out always try and use cool water. If the water is too hot the hair cuticle opens and the colour can escape more – a cooler temperature will help seal the in colour and help prevent fading.

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