As we get older, our hair gets finer, leaving us to deal with thinning locks (and not forgetting those pesky greys!) There are loads of tricks for your hair and subtle ways you can make fine hair appear thicker. Our advice for fine thin hair? Well, these are some of the best hair thickening tips from our favourite hair experts…

The perfect parting

Make your hair appear fuller by avoiding center partings and going for a more uneven look for your parting like the lovely Helen Mirren (we always have hair envy when it comes to Helen!)

Helen-Mirren-fine-hairTimely trims

For fine hair, regular trims are essential to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy – and to stop the hair breaking and splitting at the ends that would make it appear even thinner!

Expert tip

Celebrity hairdresser Paul Edmonds says, “Don’t always use the same shampoo. By alternating between different types you are providing a good mix of cleanse and nourishment to the hair and this will help keep it looking as thick as possible.”

Cameron-DiazFabulous fringes

If you have a fringe, or are thinking about getting one cut, make sure that it doesn’t start too far back into the crown of your head. This way it will appear thicker and should also look good once it’s grown out a bit too.

Dangerous layers

If you have fine hair and want to make it appear thicker, then don’t have too many layers cutting into your hair, as this will make it appear even thinner! If you really want some, then Charles Worthington recommends asking your hairdresser to focus on adding a few layers to the front only, like award winning actress Keria Knightley.

Keira-Knightley-thin-hairCutting it fine

Have your hair cut so that it is all one length and has quite a blunt finish. This will give the illusion that your fine hair is thicker and fuller. Celebrity hairdresser and Creative Director at Urban Retreat, Harrods, Andrew Barton adds, “Asking your stylist to use a blunt cutting technique will club the ends of the hair making them feel and look thicker.”

Expert tip 

Lucinda Ellery, founder of Lucinda Ellery Studios is a renowned industry hair expert with over 30 years experience pioneering unique solutions for female hair loss and hair thinning. She suggests backcombing as a way to improve your hair’s thickness. ‘Take the entire length of hair and, starting at the ends, not the root, sweep a bristle back to the scalp. Then style with your fingers.’

Cool colours

You can actually make your hair look thicker just with colour – who knew?! Andrew Barton advises, “Colour can transform fine hair. Avoid all over light blonde shades that make the hair appear more translucent. Opt for multi textured highlights and darker shades of blonde on the hair line which is often the finest hair.”

The perfect example? Gwyneth Paltrow’s lovely blonde locks!

Gwyneth-Paltrow-thin-hairExpert tip

Andrew Barton recommends using dry shampoo when you can. Why? Because it not only absorbs oils and gives a longer lasting blow dry, but it will also add some oomph to think hair to help it appear thicker. Simple!

Steal celebrity style

Julie-Walters-fine-hair hair thickening julie walters

Celebrity hairdresser Paul Edmonds has been cutting Julie Walters’ hair for many years. He was also the man responsible for her amazing red carpet ‘do for the BAFTAs! Got fine hair and want to recreate the look to make your hair appear thicker? Here’s Paul’s how-to:

“Ensure your hair is cut to an appropriate length – not too short so it goes spikey and not to long so that it flops – and then ask your hairdresser to feather the ends of your hair, making them easier to style. Blowdry your hair and style with a good mousse product such as Kerastase ‘Densimorphose’ as this will make a great deal of difference to the thickness. Then use a hair thickening clay to add the volume that you can see in Julie’s hairstyle here.”