What we all believed was true but are totally false!


Can you relate to any of the below hair dilemma’s that your grandma told you many years ago? Hair myths true or false? These are the hair myths we all believed were true but are totally false! Read on and get better hair today with these handy tips and tricks!

Myth: If you pluck one grey hair, two more grow back!
Totally false! Each hair follicle can only grow back one strand of hair after it’s plucked, whether it’s grey, blonde, red, you get the picture. That’s not to say you should keep plucking away! Sometimes they don’t grow back!

Myth: You can fix split ends
Purely wishful thinking! Once they’re split, they’re split, and there’s no joining them back together. The best you can do is invest in a quick trim to stop hair breaking further up the length, or use a serum that will moisturise and seal them together to make them less noticeable.

Myth: Stress can give you grey hairs
There is currently zero solid evidence to back up this claim – gotta face it ladies, it tends to be down to age and genetics!
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Myth: You can make your hair shinier by giving it a blast of cold water in the shower
It’s not pleasant and it doesn’t work – stick to a good conditioner or shine spray.

Myth: Frequent trims will make hair grow faster
On average hair grows half an inch each month, whether you cut it or not, and hair naturally speeds up its growth in the summer. Regular trims will crack down on split ends, and if you’re hair’s thicker at the ends, it’s going to look that bit longer but it doesn’t speed things up!

Myth: You have to lather, rinse and repeat to get great hair
Most of the time, one shampoo is enough to clean hair, and too much shampoo can end up stripping your hair making it dry so just stick to washing your hair once each time.

Top tip: Wash your hair every other day as opposed to everyday, as washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils leaving it looking worse.

Myth: Using the same shampoo all the time lessens its effect
Wrong! Your shampoo and conditioner will both keep doing exactly the same job each time you use them, so if you come across a favourite, feel free to stick to it! Hair does change though, whether it’s through colouring, age, or a different cut, so you may need to swap to meet its different needs at times.


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