Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Barton talks us through how to achieve this simple and chic hairstyle worn by Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt!


Andrew says: “I love this hair look on Joanne. It’s glamourous but also quite fun and suits the neckline of her dress. This style is great for both the office and in the evening, and it’s so quick and easy to achieve at home.”

  1. Spritz damp hair with a heat protection spray like my Andrew Barton Hair Heroes Heat Protection Spray.
  2. Blow-dry your hair. Be sure to brush your hair through as you dry, to achieve a controlled, sleek finish.
  3. When hair is dry, prep it for styling with a spritz of my Andrew Barton I Love Volume Spray which will help hold the style.
  4. Then, split your hair into two – along the centre parting right down to the nape (the top of your neck).
  5. Leaving out any fringe/wispy pieces around the front, braid each section so you have two braided pigtails. Braid the hair right to the ends and use a thin pony band for a neater finish. You can use just a standard 3-strand braid, or try a fishtail braid if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.
  6. Wrap one braid over the crown (top of your head) and pin behind the opposite ear. Wrap the other braid over the crown, behind the first braid, then pin behind the other ear. Tuck the braid ends under hair and pin in place to hide the bands.
  7. You may find that the hair bulges at the nape slightly as you pull the braids up and over the crown. Pop a few pins in to pull the hair against the head for a neater finish.
  8. Once the braids are secure, use your fingers to gently tease the hair along the crown to loosen the look slightly.
  9. Blow-dry the front/fringe pieces back with a round brush so they stay off of the face. Try my Andrew Barton Gel Grip Concave Brush.
  10. If you have any flyaways, tame them with a pump of serum (try my Andrew Barton Frizz Tamer Serum) worked through the hands that gently stroked onto the surface of your hair.

Your Joanne Froggatt hairstyle look is now complete!

Short/bob length hair? Don’t panic, you can create this look with a braided head band (such as these), then simply wrap your hair around the bottom of the band and pin at the nape to conceal.

Top Tip: If you have coarse, wavy or very thick hair you may wish to consider straightening it before you braid. The braids will need to be neat and sleek in order to ensure the best possible finish, so if the hair creating them is a bit unruly it can ruin the overall effect. Try running my Andrew Barton Argan Infused Straightener through blow-dried hair for a more manageable ‘base’.