The ‘Meghan Markle effect’ is still in full swing. And in just five easy steps, you can have a hairstyle fit for a (soon-to-be) princess.

There are many reasons we want to be Meghan Markle. She’s beautiful, talented and has great taste in clothes, to name a few. Oh, and she’s about to marry Prince Harry. But on top of all this, she has impeccable style – especially when it comes to her hair.

We are so in awe of her hair, in fact, that many of us apparently take a photo of Meghan Markle to the hairdressers.

Leading hair chain, The KH Hair Group, has received many of these requests from customers. And one look is in particularly high demand: the messy bun.

Mary Geoghegan is part of the KH Hair Creative Team. She says,“Ever since Meghan Markle first wore her Messy Bun, we’ve been inundated with women asking us to recreate her look in our salons.”

But you don’t need to go to the hairdressers to get this look. Mary shares the five easy steps for recreating Meghan Markle’s messy bun at home.

Step One

Curl the hair using hair straightner

Apply a thermal protection spray to your hair, then smooth and add a few curls with straightners like GHD Gold. Add shine with a product like Wella System Professional Soft Touch Cream.

Step Two

Hair in ponytail

Take a diagonal section of hair from the crown of the head to the front of the ear, which you will be wearing in the bun, and clip this front section out of the way for the time being. Put the rest of the hair in a low side ponytail.

Step Three

Twist hair into bun

Twist the ponytail and loop in a circular motion up around the bobble. Use a few grips to secure underneath.

Step Four

Twist front section of hair

Take the clip out from the front section of the hair that was clipped to the side, but first pull out any bits you want to leave around your face. Then twist the hair away from your face and towards the ponytail and continue the circular motion around the bun. Grip to secure.

Step Five

Spray hair

Use your fingers and a tail comb to pinch and tease the bun until you’ve reached a softness you’re happy with, then spray the ‘do to lock it in place.

The Finished Result

Woman hair in bun

We can see why it’s so popular.

“What women love about it,” Mary says, “is that it’s low key and simple, while beautifully framing the face where the shorter, wispy strands fall loose.  It is an effortless look – that takes a little effort of course – and it suits most women. What’s not to love?”