Youth-boosting skincare tips and products seem to be everywhere, but often it’s lacklustre locks that pile on the years! These clever tricks are fast-working and will instantly anti-age your hair...


Add some texture

Want to know what is guaranteed to age you instantly? Flat, limp and lifeless locks! By adding texture you’re instantly making your look more modern. Straight hair is ageing, so make the most of your natural waves with a texturising spray, or add in a few curls before.

Swap shampoo for a conditioning cleanser

Over-washing your locks can strip them of their natural oils, leaving them lacking a youthful shine. Swap your usual shampoo and conditioner for a multi-purpose cleansing conditioner (like this one!) It’s super gentle and will anti-age your hair by giving it an extra moisturising treatment each time you wash it.

Oil is your hair care hero

There are so many varieties; coconut, Argan, Moringa, all with their own benefits, but whichever you choose, make sure you’re using it regularly! Apply to dry ends after washing for a smoother, silkier blowdry and as an overnight deep-penetrating treatment at least once a week. Giving yourself a ten-minute head massage before shampooing will also leave your locks glossier and give your scalp a moisturising treat. See 10 hair oils we LOVE here!


Give yourself a DIY trim

Regular trims really do make all the difference when it comes to keeping your hair healthy and if you want to give your locks a new lease of life, dusting off split ends will leave it looking thicker instantly. We consulted award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford on how to give yourself a salon-worthy haircut at home. See the video here. 

Create bouncy waves

Nothing looks more youthful that bouncy, voluminous hair, so ditch those straightening irons in favour of some sleep-in rollers. These velcro rollers flatten down so you can catch some beauty sleep and wake up to soft waves in the morning. There’s no heat damage either – bonus!

Go bronde!

It’s the hottest hair colour of the moment, with celebs ditching their brunette locks in favour of a warmer, caramel shade. Harsher hair colours can be ageing, so this look is perfect for a subtle look, suiting most complexions. Blondes can also try the look, toning down brassy locks with a more natural bronde shade. We love it!


Add in a fringe

This look will cover any little forehead lines – no one will ever know! A fringe will also make thin hair look fuller for a more youthful look.

Use a moisturising styling crème

Using the right products on your hair is essential when it comes to maintaining its condition. After using a heat protector spray, put a styling crème throughout your locks to keep in moisture while you blowdry. We love Noir Caviar’s Anti-age Restorative Styling Crème with Caviar, Collagen or Ceramides, which protect strands against styling and the elements.