The anti ageing haircuts that will give you an instant facelift

If you thought that anti ageing was all about skincare, then think again! You can roll back the years with clever anti ageing haircuts too. A fringe at the right length, hair shaping your jawline just so, a super short crop and impeccably placed layers, they’re all things that can make you look like you’ve been given a barely-there facelift by the most expensive surgeon to ever hit Hollywood.

The celebs know all the secrets, or rather their hair stylists do, so who better to show you how it’s done?

We’re not saying ditch your wrinkle-fighting creams, or glow-giving exfoliators, there are somethings that a stunner of a haircut just can’t tackle, but there’s no harm in upping the ante further with a seriously anti-ageing new do. That said, go into your local hair dressers and ask them to lift your features or make you look 10 years younger, and they’ll guide you outside and point you in the direction of the nearest beauty salon, the key is knowing exactly what to ask for. That’s where we come in!

Print off your favourite look from below, and take it in to your favourite hair stylist for a consultation. They’ll get the gist of the look you’re after, and find a way to best adapt it for your face shape and hair texture – if they don’t seem to be doing that, ask them to, few hair styles are one-suits-all.

So here we go, the anti-ageing haircuts that will turn back the clock…