Check out our 10 tips and tricks to waking up with amazing hair this weekend...

Hands up who wants amazing hair?!

No matter how ready for the day you’re feeling, if your hair’s not playing ball, your mood takes a dive. So what if there was a way you could make sure your hair looked amazing as soon as you jumped out of bed? Too good to be true? Nope! We’ve got the secrets right here.

The trick is to do all the hard work before you go to sleep, the motto ‘always be prepared’ works just as well here as it does for the Scouts! Hone your pre bed primping routine and you’re set.

We’ve got way more time to devote to our hair in the evenings, and there are little things you can do to give you amazing hair for the next morning, even whilst you sleep! We’re not talking a head full of rollers that’ll keep you up all night. Or hair masks that stain your pillow cases and take an age to wash out in the morning. All of these things are totally do-able, and take no time at all.

Who knew that your choice of bed linen could effect your hair? Or that hair primer was a ‘thing’ or there was actually an antidote to a slept-on fringe!