With so many options available for our hair, it can be a minefield trying to decide which products deserve to be sprayed or slathered through our locks.

But when it comes to dry shampoo, it appears there is only one brand that many of us reach for to refresh our hair between washes – Batiste.

That’s right; the popular haircare brand revealed that one can of Batiste Dry Shampoo is sold every second in the UK.

That’s 3,600 an hour, 86,400 in a day and 604,800 in a week.

The brand have been helping women refresh their hair in an instant for over 40 years and their dry shampoo has become a staple for anyone looking for a quick fix.

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A simple spritz wakes up tired hair and also adds texture and volume without the need to waste valuable time under a hot hairdryer.

Alongside their original dry shampoo, Batiste has expanded their range to include some sweeter smelling fragrances like roses, cherry or tropical.


And gone are the days of having a chalky white shadow on your hair – the most obvious giveaway that you skipped a proper shampoo – because their Hint of Colour products blend seamlessly into your hair whatever your colour.

But there are some helpful tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your dry shampoo – and believe it or not, there is more to it than simply spray and go.

The best way to get the full advantages of dry shampoo is to spritz it into hair in sections about two inches apart, concentrating on your roots.

Make sure you’re holding the nozzle between eight and 10 inches away from your hair and don’t spray one area for too long.

dry shampoo

Once you’ve finished, wait a couple of minutes and then massage the product in so it doesn’t just sit on top of your hair. Use your fingers and work it through your roots and scalp.

George Northwood, hairstylist to the likes of Alexa Chung and Alicia Vikander, told British Vogue that the key to getting the most from your dry shampoo is to use it straight after you’ve dried your hair post-wash.

“I use dry shampoo on my clients for prevention, not cure,” he said. “Particularly with finer hair which gets oilier more quickly, spritzing it onto a newly blow-dried style will amp up volume and make your hair last longer between washes too.”