When it comes to finding jeans that fit like a glove, it can be a real struggle. 


So wouldn’t it be brilliant if there were a special pair that not only fit in all the right places, but also doubled up as amazing shape wear too? 

Well, those clever people over at George at ASDA have done just that! Their new Wonder Denim Collection features the WonderSculpt body shaping jeans, priced at just £25 and designed to adapt to your shape while contouring curves.


This super stretchy style features ultimate hold fabric, which will hold you in in all the right places, while still being soft and comfortable.

Think a pair of SPANX, in a jean! WonderSculpt – where have you been all our life?!

The WonderSculpt jeans are priced available in 5 different colour ways, in a skinny, high-waisted pocketed style at ASDA stores nationwide.


Here’s our ultimate guide to looking amazing in jeans…

1. The correct fit is essential for feeling comfortable and confident

Don’t be put off by wiggling to get yourself in, as snugness is good! You should only be able to fit two fingers down the back of the waistband, any more and they’re definitely too big.

2. Stretchy jeans are undoubtedly amazing, but make sure the denim ‘memory’ is good

This means it will spring back after you’ve worn them and you won’t be left worrying about a saggy bottom.

3. Don’t try and squeeze in to a smaller size when you know you probably need to go just one up

You may feel better temporarily but the seam strain on your legs is a clear indicator that they’re too tight. This is just as unflattering as a pair that are too big!

4. Make sure you wash your jeans on a cold wash and not 30 degrees

This way they’ll still be soft and you’ll feel better for it, instead of struggling in a stiff pair of jeans.

5. A lot of us worry about our midriffs in denim but changing the style of your waistband is the solution to this problem

Tummy tuck waistbands on a pair of great jeans work just as well as a pair of Spanx, smoothing out any lumps and bumps.

6. Look out for a curved or pieced waistband when buying jeans

This will sit slightly higher at the back and will naturally curve into your waist instead of sticking up – meaning it is instantly more flattering.

7. Different body shapes suit different styles of jeans

Super skinny jeans will flatter your silhouette, whereas high-waisted jeans will emphasise curves.

8. Don’t be afraid to experiment with trends

If you want to try the 70s style wide leg jeans, partner them with a good pair of heels to make your legs seem never ending.

9. Even though skinny jeans are everywhere, the most universally flattering style of jean is boot-cut

Slightly flared at bottom, nipped in neatly at the knee and fitted through the thigh they accentuate all the right areas.

10. Dark denim is incredibly slimming and can take a few inches off your thighs

Be it black or indigo you’ll feel fit and fabulous, especially when you catch a glimpse of your legs in the mirror.

11. Invest in a belt!

There’s nothing worse than having to keep pulling your jeans up every few steps. A belt will hold everything in place and you won’t have to worry about baggy bits.

12. If you’re worried about your bum looking big, avoid back pockets covered with embroidery or studs

However, if you want to create the illusion of a pert bum, embellishments are a great way to form curves.