It is one of the biggest, and for many the most important, days of your life. So, it’s no wonder that when it comes to a wedding day, many of us want it to be perfect – and that includes finding the dress of your dreams for the big day!

recycle and reuse wedding dress

Some spend thousands on the gown that they will walk down the aisle in. But what about after the day draws to a close? Once all the guests have gone home, the cards have been opened and the final piece of cake has been eaten, what happens to the dress of your dreams?

Unless you pass your dress down as an heirloom one day, it is destined to spend forever in its box. But, it doesn’t need to be this way! These genius ideas allow you to continue to enjoy your dress for years after you say ‘I do’. From keepsakes to pieces you can wear again, take a look at the amazing ideas below…

Turn it into lingerie

Make every night like your wedding night by turning the material from your dress into lovely lingerie. This way the dress will last well after you’ve returned from your honeymoon! Some tailors and lingerie companies like Mexican lingerie company Ilusion can help you with the transformation.


A gorgeous keepsake

There are companies out there like Bowman Bears who will turn your wedding dress, or sections of it, in to beautiful teddy bears. Order one as a keepsake, or hold on to the bear as a gift for your first child. Then they will always have a special toy made out of your most wonderful memories! If you can’t bring yourself to part with the whole dress, you can detach part of it such as the train. They usually need around 1 meters worth of fabric to make the bears.


Create unique jewellery

Carry your wonderful wedding memories with you by getting pieces of your gown turned into delicate jewellery. Talented sellers like The Lace Studio on Etsy will take wedding dress lace, silk, or other special material preserve it in the jewellery of your choice. You can choose from pretty pendants, one-of-a-kind earrings and more.


Deck your home in your dress

Many companies like this will take parts of your wedding dress and turn it into a precious pillow or cushion to have in your home. When the fabric costs as much as it does, why leave your dress sitting in a box for years when you could have the material on display in pride of place on a chair or sofa at home?

Donate it

Giving your wedding dress to a worthwhile charity of your choice ensures that the gown that played such an important part in your life, will help make someone else’s life better too. Let the charity sell it in one of their shops, auction it, or donate it for a good cause.


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