This most pinned engagement ring is dividing opinion. What do you make of it?

Pinterest, and it’s vast collection of beautiful imagery, makes planning (or dreaming of) your wedding day that little bit more exciting.

We told you about the most-pinned wedding dress which was met with unanimous outpours of compliments. But the latest, most-pinned wedding item has completely divided opinions…

This engagement ring has received over 104,000 pins on Pinterest. That makes it the most pinned and popular engagement ring on the picture sharing site! This is a pretty big deal considering that most items that reach a most-pinned status quickly sell out.

Credit: Pinterest/Sylvia Billone

The rose gold, engagement ring was reportedly custom-made for bride Sylvia Billlone. The Daily Mail reported that Sylvia had spotted similar rings on Pinterest but wanted her own version.

Sylvia shared details of the ring online after several fans asked where she got it. She revealed: “The solitaire ring is 1.22 karats with a two-millimeter-width rose gold band.”

However, people are questioning its departure from tradition with the rose gold colour. There is the worry that if rose gold ever goes out-of-fashion so will the ring – but we can’t image rose gold dying out any time soon!

The alternative band colour sits in line with the evolving trend for coloured stone engagement rings. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are all becoming popular choices over diamonds. 

Credit: Pinterest/Raymond Lee Jewellers 

The rose gold ring has now overtaken the Verragio ring as the most pinned engagement ring. The white gold ring was pinned over 63,000 times and cost around £3,300.

Credit: Tiffany & Co

The cost of the rose gold ring has not been disclosed but looking at the average cost of a 1.22 karat diamond… You’ll need a pretty big budget!

Tiffany & Co, a popular jewellers with iconic blue packaging, have a rose gold engagement ring for sale which is pretty similar to Sylvia’s. It costs an astonishing £36,200 – so if this trend is for you, your other half better get saving…