Primark have got it right with this £4 item!

Primark is best known as the high street destination for affordable basics, but this £4 novelty item is going viral.

What is it? It’s a coin purse from the store’s latest Disney range, inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

What’s so special about it? It’s designed to look like the little teapot character Chip, from the original animated movie, and it is driving Disney fans wild.

The seriously cute little purse costs only £4 (a small price to pay for all that cuteness).

But if you want to get your hands on one, good luck to you. They sold out almost everywhere the moment they hit the shelves. Die-hard Disney obsessives are even taking to social media in a desperate attempt to track the remaining few down. We’re sympathetic- who wouldn’t want one of these adorable purses? Look at that little face!

The viral Primark item is limited edition and the store can’t restock their shelves fast enough. As a result, some business-minded folk are taking advantage of the situation and selling the purses on eBay to make a little extra cash. Turns out its actually quite a lucrative business venture!

The little £4 coin purse has been selling for up to five times its original retail price on eBay.

Clearly, Disney fans will stop at nothing to get their hands one of these cute novelty purses! One eBay seller has managed to make a whopping £1,312 by selling 82 of the purses for £15.99 (plus postage).

And the new live-action Beauty and the Beast film—starring Emma Watson as Belle—is due to his cinemas next week. So it’s unlikely the hype around cute Chip purses is going to die down anytime soon.

So if you’d like a Chip purse (whether to sell or cherish forever), you’d better check your local Primark stores for any that might have been missed!