This Pretty Woman dress has gone viral – but would you wear it?

If we were to ask you to think of ‘the dress’ from Pretty Woman, which one springs to mind?

The polka-dot dress Vivian wears the to races, or the incredible evening gown from that infamous opera scene? Both wrong.

The ASOS dress everyone is going wild for is actually one of Vivian’s earlier looks… London-based clothing label Hunza G designed a dress based on one of Vivian’s earlier outfits  in the film – the iconic cut out body con.

The dress has been an instant hit, with customers eager to purchase and try on the 90s-inspired outfit.

One customer commented: “Love it.”

Another wrote: “Can’t wait to wear it!!!”

Vivian wears this risqué number with thigh high latex boots as she goes shopping on Rodeo drive. And our favourite moment from the movie has to be when she returns to the shop in this same dress and confronts the nasty shop assistants who refused to serve her, telling them they “made a big mistake. HUGE”.

The mini dress has been given a refresh, now coming in the colours black, red and blue, but keeps the original hoop detail across the stomach area.

If you want to channel your inner Vivian Ward, it’s going to cost you… £136 to be exact. But it’s not so much of a big price for a piece of cinema history…. Get yours here.