There isn’t much that makes us happier than some cute (and cheap) Disney clothes.  And there’s really no one better at delivering this than budget retailer Primark!

First, there was the adorable Chip from Beauty & the Beast mug. And now Primark have gone and done it again, with a simple embroidered Lumiere t-shirt, which is already proving to be a big hit amongst fans. And get this – the Primark Lumiere t-shirt is available for just £6. No wonder it’s causing excitement!

Social media frenzy…

Fans have already taken to social media to rave about the simple white tee, with one writing “WANT WANT WANT ❣❣❣❣”. Another user excitedly commented “Love it! Need this and the Chip tshirt”, which a fellow Disney fan wrote, “I love this!”

The Disney-focused item of clothing is also perfect for adults and kids alike, given that it’s more subtle than some of Primark’s other offerings.

But one savvy shopper was clearly ahead of the game with this top. She had the foresight to snap up a couple of sizes of the Lumiere t-shirt to flog on eBay. And it seems to be working out pretty well, as they’re already selling for double the price, at £12.99.

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The seller has already sold quite a few of the tops, so only has a few left. So if you can’t get yourself to a Primark, you might want to be quick!


The release comes after another Beauty and the Beast item caused an utter frenzy at Primark stores around the country. The adorable piece of home ware drew crowds at shops when it was released, and consistently sold out, leaving shoppers desperate to get their hands on it over sites such as eBay.

But lucky for us, the much-anticipated £5 mug will be back in stores in September, along with a whole Beauty and the Beast homeware range!

So if you want to snap up some of the Disney movie’s homeware and clothing, it seems Primark really is the place to go. But be quick, because it probably won’t last for long!