If you have been blessed with big boobs, you’ll know that finding a bra that fits well, supports you and actually looks half decent isn’t always easy.

The prettiest, laciest, most delicate styles seem to be reserved for the smaller sizes, leaving us with plainer, granny-style offerings (matching Bridget pants optional).

So finding an underwear brand that caters for larger busted ladies, but also puts maximum effort into its design is pretty darn exciting. Curvy Kate is such a brand.

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to bra shopping, so we consulted ‘bra whisperer’ and ambassador for the brand Chantelle Crabb to find out which style is best for women with big boobs.

“The best shape for a full bust is a foam-lined balcony style. Large breasts, as you can imagine, are incredibly heavy which means they need even more support,” said Chantelle.

“Choosing a foam-lined style means the bra has ‘padding’ to a certain degree. Most full-busted women shy away from any kind of padding, as they believe it makes their bust larger however this is not the case. A foam-lined bra offers structure instead of bulk and helps provide a smooth and rounded shape.

“Also a balcony style bra means the central gore sits a little higher in the middle, this provides more coverage and more support for a larger chest.”

Luckily, the balcony style is actually one of the most attractive too! We love this pretty blue bra, perfect for the coming summer months.


Curvy Kate Cascade Balcony Bra in Pacific Blue, £30

Obviously, this is not a one-style-fits-all-situation.

“Do remember that all breasts are different though and some styles will be better on some breasts better than others. It’s a case of getting to know what works for you,” she added.

“If you are not on board with a ‘padded’ foam bra you could try a laminated soft cup. This means the bra is made out of thin fabric however it has been woven in such a way that it will not stretch or lose shape. This firm fabric is great for giving up-lift and supporting heavy assets.”

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