Kate’s latest look is certainly striking – and so striking that’s it’s got people talking.

Some have called it an ‘unusual’ choice for the serious visit Kate took part in – a tour of the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland. Some fans of the Duchess have questioned why she didn’t don a more subtle, neutral outfit for the sombre occasion.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, George and Charlotte are currently undertaking a 5-day tour of Poland and Germany. The family will be undertaking various engagements throughout the week, meeting VIPs, dignitaries and royals and immersing themselves in the local culture. This particular visit was the most serious on the programme.

The flattering floral top and skirt combo from one of her very favourite designers, Erdem. Kate kept the outfit simple with a beige clutch and strappy heels. So why didn’t she opt for black? Catherine’s choice could actually be considered a tribute to the victims and survivors of the camp, Stutthof. Roses are a symbol for hope, love and unity, therefore

Kate’s fans pointed out that roses often symbolise hopeful emotions such as love and hope and that the Duchess may be hoping to create a more positive atmosphere in which to meet survivors of the tragic events of the war. Others suggested that the roses show her hope for new beginnings, away from the atrocities of war.

Others royal observers have pointed out that thorns, which also featured on the Duchess’ chosen outfit, may have been a gesture to those who died at the camp. Thorns are often thought to symbolise hardship and sorrow, particularly poignant given the setting.