Get ready to say hello so spring with these brand new spring sandals that will slim your legs.

Do you ever put on a new pair of sandals and wonder why your legs suddenly look bigger than normal? Trust us, it happens to the best of us, but believe it or not you can really make your legs look slimmer by wearing the right pair of sandals!

The first step to picking a pair of spring sandals that will slim your legs is to opt for a hell. We don’t mean a 5 inch stiletto, we mean a comfy block heel that you can still run around in during the day. Why? Becuase that extra inch or 2 will instantly make your legs appear longer as well as improving your posture.

Another one of our Fashion Editor’s tips is to pick a style with a flattering ankle strap. Make sure your ankle strap has enough room to be tilted down a few milimitres as this will actually help to elongate legs. Steer clear of straps that cut straight across your ankle as this will make even slim calves look bigger!

The best thing about block heel sandals is that they are really on trend this Spring and there are so many to chose from! Lace up styles are huge for the summer and are great at covering up your toes, where as a classic 2 strap sandal can work for almost any occasion.
Not to mention that block heel sandals are also so easy to wear – simply pop on your favourite slimming skirt and a tummy trimming top and you’re good to go.

Look out for extra features such as fringing which will accentuate the slimmest part of your foot – this will also help your legs look leaner and longer.

So what are you waiting for? Check our our picks of the best spring sandals that will slim your legs now below!