Let’s face it – who doesn’t love cooing over adorable pictures of babies – especially the gorgeous royal babies.

And since Prince George and Princess Charlotte entered this world, royal fans have been desperate to work out who they look like. Is it Kate? Baby William? Some fans have even noticed how similar Charlotte looks to her great-grandmother, the Queen!

But one particularly perceptive fan has noticed an adorable similarity between the young princess and her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

Both girls were (and are) particularly fond of the classic smock dress. It’s clearly proven to be a timeless fashion trend among the royals, as it’s one of Charlotte’s go-to pieces for events.

The above picture shows an adorable comparison between the two royals, who never got a chance to meet. The image shows a newly released picture of Diana, at around three years old, alongside two-year-old Charlotte. Both are wearing different, but similar pink smock dresses, showing just how timeless the fashion trend really is, given that the photos were likely taken over 50 years apart.

Users also commented on how similar the two look in the pictures, with one commenting, “Wow they look so alike at this age!”. Another fan wrote, “Charlotte looks just like the her. She could have been her little sister.”

Princes Charlotte has donned an array traditional smock dresses most recently on her families tour of Germany and Poland. The little royal (or her mum, Kate), favoured sweet, simple smocks in traditional colours, including this particularly regal blue number…

And she also wore another adorable number to grace the balcony for the Trooping the Colour parade…

trooping the colour

And on the families royal tour of Canada…

Given that smock dresses are traditional formal wear, they’re considered an invaluable outfit option for the younger royals.

And it’s not the only thing Granny Diana has passed down to her two grandchildren. While many royal watchers have commented on how alike Diana and Charlotte look…

Others have noticed the fact that George and Charlotte’s cheeky spirit is inherited straight from Diana. She was famed for her naughty sense of humour – and it seems Charlotte and George are happily following in her footsteps!

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Expressive like his grandmother. (George nearly 4, Diana at 19). #princessdiana #princegeorge #family

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